The Mortality
of Queens

"Pride & Prejudice meets His Dark Materials"

1790s London: every man and woman is bonded to their shadow self - their Umbra - from the unknowable Other Realm
...only it's a mortal bond and someone is killing off Umbra

A historical fantasy

by J. L. Dawn



Kicking off with J. L. Dawn’s haunting crime thriller,  The Doll with a Bruise

Historical Fantasy
by J. L. Dawn

Revolutionary France is about to declare war and Britain’s great and good are falling. Their shadow selves - their Umbra - are being murdered in the Other Realm.
A young Minister investigates: murder surely goes against the Queen’s Treaty, but the Queen’s been dead for over 400 years and her Treaty is fraying at the edges.


“We understand that in the late 1780s the French recruited an Umbra and persuaded him, or her, to bring Britannia to its knees.”

Crime Thriller

Shona’s mysterious bruise - in the shape of a Celtic cross - looks identical to the one found on the last two victims of ‘The Doll Killer’. An anonymous text links her bruise to the murder. Was it sent by the killer? Has he marked Shona for murder? The truth… is far, FAR, worse.


“The narrative cracks along and there are plenty of twists and turns.”

Contemporary fiction
by Peter Taylor-Gooby

Ritchie Morlan is a top advertising creative who gives it all up to take a stand on modern slavery. It’s going to be the toughest campaign of his life. He’s up against a corrupt government and criminal gangs who both want to exploit an invisible underclass. It's a crusade that may cost him his family.


“There are now more slaves in London than there were at the time of William Wilberforce”

The Early Signs Series
by Terry Pratt

'Is my Boyfriend a Martian?', 'Is my Cat an Alien?', Is my Wife a Zombie, and many more. Before it's too late, for the sake of your loved ones, you need to check out The Early Signs.
One of very few book series that may save your life.


Crime, Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Humour, Non-fiction