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This is my author page.
Its job is to help you decide if my books are for you.
I write to thrill and entertain. I have two books out now which should do that if you are into Crime or are prepared to give Historical Fantasy a go.

I'm also keen to get readers involved in my novels, so if you have any thoughts or feedback, mail me or check out my website: -

J. L. Dawn

Experiment on an Umbra in an Air Pump by Joseph Wright of Derby (1768). The National Gallery

Ideas for an Umbra? Hate the ending of the Doll? Want to be an author? All comments welcome. To get in touch, email me at: jldawn@interactpublishing.co.uk

Historical fantasy

Book 1 in The Umbra series.
Setting: Britain in the 1790s
Top Character: Amorrie
An Umbra who’s answer to every problem is ‘we should kill it’
Inspiration: Imagine Pride & Prejudice subtly interwoven with daemons from His Dark Materials.

Well it’s a lot darker than that…

Crime Thriller

Has she shared a bed with a killer?
: modern day Britain
Top Character: Shona
A woman who half believes she’s been marked for murder
Inspiration: Gone Girl but where the ‘victim’ takes on the police in the media and even tries to investigate herself.

A conspiracy short
Progress bar: 60%

Setting:  London 1793
Top Character: Lavinia
They think she’s the Old Queen – can she stay alive long enough to prove them…
right!! wrong?
Synopsis: A desperate search to track down a girl with a horrifying destiny. But does she exist? And, if so, how dangerous is she? 

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If you were an Umbra…
What type would you be?
What element would you disappear into?
Who would be your ally?