Does her Celtic cross-shaped bruise link her to a murder?

She only has one clue...

The Doll with a Bruise

The taut crime thriller...

by J. L. Dawn

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Historical Fantasy

He knows Amorrie will be the death of him. They share a mortal bond and she is hunted in two worlds. 1790s Britain: every British adult has a shadow self - an Umbra - like Amorrie. They visit from the unknowable Other Realm. They attend soirees, dress fashionably, gossip and suffer jealousies. Amorrie doesn’t do these things. She survives.

Crime Thriller

Shona’s mysterious bruise - in the shape of a Celtic cross - looks identical to the one found on the last two victims of ‘The Doll Killer’. An anonymous text links her bruise to the murder. Was it sent by the killer? Has he marked Shona for murder? The truth… is far, FAR, worse.

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"The greatest tournament on earth, skilfully brought to life with compelling stories and fantastic photography. A great read." FOUR FOUR TWO Magazine
"A well-written and comprehensive history of the competition - fit for any fan's coffee table." DAILY TELEGRAPH

Early Signs Series

'Is My Husband a Werewolf?', 'Is my Boyfriend a Martian?', 'Is my Cat an Alien?' and many more. Before it's too late, you need to check out The Early Signs.
One of the few book series that may save your life.

The definitive World Cup history book

In association with the BBC TV series


“A well-written and comprehensive history of the competition – fit for any fan’s coffee table.” DAILY TELEGRAPH

From the UK's top Football book publisher

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