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The Mortality of Queens

By J. L . Dawn
Historical Fantasy

What if your ‘shadow self’ visited you from their separate life in another world. And what if it was a mortal bond?

That's a Shocking Idea - let's do it!

By Suzanne

A heartbroken middle-aged mum sets out to kill her daughter’s murderer, her abusive son-in-law but she’ll need help

The Beijing Opera Murder

By Chris West
Historical Crime

One year on from Tiananmen Square a Chinese detective investigates a murder in the Beijing opera house

Two Old Ladies and a Secret Child

By Suzanne

A lonely pensioner finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep, but it’s connected to a certain royal family

The Doll with a Bruise

By J. L . Dawn

A text informs Shona
her new bruise is identical to one found on a murder victim. Has she shared a bed with a serial killer?

The Enlightenment Club

By Chris West

Stella Tranter, a student in 1970s London, plans to become a ‘Philosopher and Lover of Great Art’.

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